Welcome to the website of the Delhi Province of the Congregation of Jesus, an International Congregation, founded by Mary Ward in 1609. She said, “I hope in God it will be seen that women in time to come will do much”. She was a woman of vision – who saw, centuries before her time, the potential of women, the need for education and the possibility that women could “do much”.

At its last General Congregation in Loyola in 2011, which had as its theme “Called to bring hope”, the Congregation of Jesus expressed its understanding of our identity and calling as follows:

As companions of Jesus in mission we are called to be women of hope in order to bring hope. Mary Ward invites us to live the “JUST SOUL” virtues of FREEDOM, JUSTICE AND SINCERITY. In the footsteps of Mary Ward, we want to live the MAGIS as contemplatives in action, and as women who seek to make the world more human…

The Delhi Province of the Congregation of Jesus was erected on 5th February 2007. We the sisters of the Delhi Province are making conscious effort to express our identity and live our calling through Education, health care, social work, pastoral and spiritual ministries. I hope that those who happen to come across our website will find it inspiring.

Sr. Elsy CJ